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Area Rugs in Montgomery, Alabama


Looking for a way to complete your interior design with a touch of softness? Consider area rugs at Carol’s Carpet Flooring America!


More than just a flooring store, we offer a variety of home remodeling products and services to complete your home or business. Our area rugs are manufactured with quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance and vibrant looks you’ll love for years. When you’re ready to browse area rugs to complement your floors, visit our showroom in Montgomery, AL!


Why Add Area Rugs to Your Montgomery Space?



How to Select The Best Area Rug for Your Room


Area rugs play an important role in the overall feel and function of your space. However, with so many options, it can be difficult to select the best rug that fits your needs. Our design experts can help you select the best style based on your current space and design goals. We’ll guide you toward the best size, shape, color, pattern, and texture to nail any aesthetic you desire!



Types of Area Rugs Available at Our Local Carpet Store


At Carol’s Carpet Flooring America, we want to help you elevate your interior in big and small ways. That’s why we carry a diverse array of area rugs to meet your personal design preferences and enhance your existing interior. Enjoy a wide selection of rugs from industry-leading brands, including Sphinx and Nourison. Learn more about the types of area rugs available at our Montgomery carpet store.


Traditional Area Rugs


Our selection of traditional area rugs is popular for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, hallways, and more. These designs offer a timeless, classic look that works well with wood look and tile floors, as well as carpets. 


amelia_2331k Area Rug

Area Rug amelia_2331r

Area Rug ariana_213k

Area Rug ariana_311z

Amelia 2331K

Amelia 2331R

Ariana 213K

Ariana 311Z

Area Rug ariana_623h

Area Rug ariana_2153d

Area Rug ariana_2302a

Area Rug cambridge_180c

Ariana 623H

Ariana 2153D

Ariana 2302A

Cambridge 180C

Area Rug hudson_1338c

Area Rug hudson_1338d

Area Rug infinity_1124f

Area Rugs windsor_23102

Hudson 1338C

Hudson 1338D

Infinity 1124F

Windsor 23102


Contemporary Area Rugs


If you’re home boasts a more modern design, we carry both sophisticated and trendy looks that will instantly increase the coziness of your space. If you need guidance on the best contemporary look for your home, our friendly flooring specialists are happy to help!


Area Rugs amelia_2166j

Area Rug amelia_6993y

Area Rug generations_281j

Area Rug generations_594x

Amelia 2166J

Amelia 6993Y

Generations 281J

Generations 594X

Area Rug generations_3435y

Area Rug genesis_511z

Area Rug genesis_908a

Area Rug hudson_40a

Generations 3435Y

Genesis 511Z

Genesis 908A

Hudson 40A

Area Rug hudson_74a

Area Rug palermo_2926f

Area Rug kharmaii_1092l

Area Rug stella_3281b

Hudson 74A

Palermo 2926F

Kharmaii 1092L

Stella 3281B


Outdoor Area Rugs


Outdoor area rugs are tailored for exposed spaces, and equipped with qualities that make them well-suited for the outdoors. These rugs are made from water-resistant fibers and receive additional UV treatments, enhancing their durability. They've gained popularity in kitchens for their easy maintenance, allowing spills to be conveniently cleaned with a hose outside. Now, you can enjoy the classic patterns and comfort of indoor rugs seamlessly incorporated into outdoor settings.





Bali 4904W

Cabana 2L

Caspian 859J


Caspian 1004X

Caspian 8327L

Lagos 564J



Lagos 1443X

Lanai 606K

Caspian 1003X



Casual Area Rugs & Shag Area Rugs


Struggling to settle on a single style? Embrace your uniqueness and let your style shine through. These eclectic rugs are a blend of elements from various styles., allowing you to unleash your creativity. Our collection of casual and shag area rugs provides a relaxed vibe with irresistibly soft textures that will keep you coming back for more!






Cosmo Shag 81104

Focus 48491

Loft 520R




Loft 520W

Cosmo Shag 81101

Cosmo Shag 81106




Focus 4849G

Fusion 27204 Champagne

Fusion 27201 Platinum





Amelia 2260B

Revival 550H

Revival 119L




Caspian 1004X

Eden 87111

Emerson 2040A




Amelia 8W

Lagos 1443X

Infinity 1105B


Contact us today to learn more about our area rugs! We are proud to serve Montgomery, Alabama, as well as the surrounding communities.