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Mannington UltraClean

mannington_lamwoodcleanerUltraClean Hardwood and Laminate Cleaner

Mannington UltraClean is a product comes from a manufacturer known for its high quality flooring. Carol’s Carpet highly recommends this hard surface cleaning for its streak free shine and it won’t leave dulling residue on your floors. Mannington’s new and improved formula has become a favorite with our customers. The solution is a non-toxic water based formula

UltraClean is for use on un-waxed hardwood, laminate, adura, and porcelain surfaces. Most all floors made in the past 20 years are no wax floors, so if you have wax on your floor you will need to strip clean the wax off. All wax products must be stripped off at some point because it will build up and leave the floor with a haze. We have found that dry erasers work great at removing wax and most wax stripping products have mineral spirits as the main ingredient. These methods will require some hard work and time, but it will be worth the effort so your floors can receive proper maintenance.

    Directions for Product Use
  • Vacuum, Sweep, or Dry Mop Floors
  • Using your spray bottle mist the areas your cleaning
  • Clean as you would normally and replace pad with a clean pad if you see streaking